About me

Amanda Sanchez Reclick Creative

Amanda was born in Puerto Rico to a family she loves, and who helped foster and grow her love for film and photography. Adventurous and spirited, she worked hard to travel to New York City where she began putting her self-taught camera skills to the test on film sets like Orange is the New Black, Gotham, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Although ideal for most people, Amanda sought a more real version to film, a type where she was spectator to the joyous moments in life instead of fabricating them.

Searching for that ideal job, she founded Reclick Creative and began helping people capture one of the happiest days of their life, their weddings. Married herself to the man of her dreams in February 2018, Amanda’s love and passion for capturing weddings only grew after experiencing her own. Outside of her work as wedding videographer, she enjoys photography and modeling as a hobby along with traveling and muddy hikes with her husband and dog.