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Mindy and Thomas share their Alaska Elopement Experience

After they got engaged, Mindy and Thomas began planning their traditional wedding. They quickly realized how stressful this was. They were thinking more about the guest rather than what they wanted, so the decision to elope in Alaska felt like such a relief. The stress was completely lifted!

Q: How did you two meet?

A: We originally worked together, but we're reconnected by online dating about a year later.

Q: How did you choose the Alaska for your elopement?

A: We had already decided that we wanted to have a glacier wedding so the location was easy to pick.

Q: Why did you two elope?

A: We were originally planning a traditional wedding, but it all became too stressful and started to become more about our guest than us actually enjoying our wedding day. Once we decided to elope it was like all the stress was lifted.

Q: How was the experience?

A: We chose to elope to Alaska because we fell in love with the glacier wedding idea. We were lucky enough to find an amazing photographer (Joe Connolly with Chugach Peaks Photography) who book our helicopter flight for us and took care of finding the perfect location for our photos and ceremony. We took a 4 hour helicopter tour which included a glacier stop, and 2 other very remote locations. We also packed a lunch and brought champagne to have a celebration toast. We decided to turn our elopement into our honeymoon as well. We spend 7 days before and 7 days after the wedding driving around in an RV and exploring Alaska.

Q: Any advice for couples looking to Elope?

A: Start planning a year in advance. Good photographers get booked up quick during "wedding season". If you can make sure to spend some time on your elopement to enjoy your vacation and not rush.

“Wherever you want to go, whether it's Alaska, Canada, Iceland, a remote tropical island - don't be afraid to dream big and do something for you! We work with so many wonderful people who later tell us the trip was an adventure of a lifetime and they are so happy they had a small and intimate wedding. “

Joe Connolly Photographer | Manager, Chugach Peaks Photography

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