Bride + Groom Names

Edward & Ashley

How did the two of you meet?

We met in elementary school and did NOT care for each other. A lot can change in a few years though, and when a mutual friend convinced us to hang out our freshman year of high school we immediately hit it off and have been inseparable ever since!

Where did you Elope?

We eloped at Cecil Peak in Queenstown, New Zealand

How did you choose the location for your Elopement?

New Zealand has been high on our travel bucket list for years (shout out to our fellow LOTR fans!). Once we had the country down, the location for the ceremony was an easy pick! We're very outdoorsy - we even got engaged while rock climbing - so a wedding ceremony on a cliff seemed fitting!

Why did you choose to Elope?

Neither of us care for big weddings - the idea of spending so much time and money on a day that you are so busy you can hardly find time to enjoy is not really our style. We wanted our wedding to be a reflection of our relationship - laid back, enjoyable, and intimate. Something where we could truly absorb every second of the day and bask in it. Ashley didn't want to worry about whether the decorations were done on time and Eddie didn't want to read his [very personal] vows in front of 200 of our closest friends and family, and elopement allowed us exactly the type of day we were looking for!

Can you tell us you Eloping Experience?

The day was unnaturally beautiful (in a location that is already one of the most breathtaking we've ever seen!) even by the locals' report. Our wedding was booked through Heli Weddings and they took care of EVERYTHING. We woke up late in the morning and ordered room service while we waited for Ashley's hairstylist and makeup artist to arrive at the hotel (this was all set up through Heli Weddings, too!). Once that was done, Eddie helped Ashley button into her dress which denied us the chance of first looks but was so worth it! Having your husband-to-be help get you ready for your wedding is VERY emotional (in the best kind of way). Then we took a short helicopter ride to Cecil Peak where we exchanged our vows amidst a LOT of tears...looking at you, Ashley...Following the ceremony we grabbed some ground pictures at LOTR filming locations before going for a private dinner to wrap up the day.

What advice would you give to a couple that is looking to Elope?

The best advice that we could give would be to allow yourselves to have a wedding that suits you. It was hard telling our family that we chose not to have a ceremony in The States, but ultimately this was the beginning of our life together and we really wanted it to be a reflection of who we are as a couple. Additionally, soak up every second of your day together however you choose to get married! The little things (like realizing you left your veil at the hotel while you're loading onto the helicopter or discovering NEITHER of you know how to put on a boutonniere) will make some of the best memories!