Buf-Insta-Meet at the Buffalo Cider Hall

The Bufinstameet is my favorite event! Here the instagramers get to meet in person, explore a cool spot and of course, take photos! It is a great opportunity to put a face to all of those accounts you love! I don’t live in Buffalo anymore, but anytime there is an Instameet, I wake up early and head over.

This time the event was hosted by the Buffalo Cider Hall. They just opened in October so this was a great chance for us to get to know their location and their delicious cider. The building has an industrial look so it was the perfect background for some portraits. Aaron Bobeck and I took advantage of this and shot some portraits around the building. We loved the natural light and the beautiful colors, specially the mural they have in their backyard, painted by Chuck Tingley.

Meanwhile, James Carriero took the tour and filmed the beautiful behind the scenes video you see on top. In this video you will have a great look of the insides of the building plus all the people that came out that day.

This group is amazing! As soon as you walk in, everyone greets you with a big smile and I’m sure someone will come and ask you what kind of camera you are using. If you are into photography at all, I recommend you find the closest Instameeting so you can meet incredible people.