Winter Wonderland | Engagement Shoot

What could make a shoot in 24 degrees fun? Well, the most amazing snow covered tree farm.

Winter snow engagement wedding morgantown

It’s true! When we set off on our adventure to Almeters Tree Farm I was worried that it would be a tad too cold to really get into “it” (I reallllly hate the cold) but when I started seeing the warm up shots on the camera I knew we had something.

Cassie and Chris are always up for an adventure. They got engaged at the Adirondacks in New York so they definitely wanted the shoot to encapsulate some sort of adventure.

The tree farm was the idea that came to all of our minds first. Looking up some inspiration images and seeing the combination of the snow hanging on to the evergreens really set the scene and from there it was a natural progression of inspiration..

engagement ideas cold day date

Despite the cold we snapped for about 45 minutes at this location in a ton of different poses and with a few props. The scene was spectacular.

I had my trusty GH4 with me and a Sigma 50mm Art lens that was a rental for the occasion. I love shooting a prime lens because it forces me to move around to work within the lens length instead of just zooming. Every obstacle inspires creativity so don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone even on paid shoots.

kiss photography snow cold

In post production I wanted to keep things simple. No crazy artsy looks just something that looked clean and timeless that way however they print, share and display their photos they will always look good.

“Just a few of the hundreds of amazing photos James Carriero did for us! Thank you so much friend we are in love with all of them! “

- Cassie Bussick - Facebook

Cassie and Chris were more than happy with the results. It was exactly what they were hoping for with a winter shoot.

We had the perfect day (overcast with a fresh layer of snow on the ground) and despite the frigid temperatures had a blast shooting.

We can’t wait to see the next adventures these two have in store!