Why IGTV Is Good For Your Business.


We all heard about IGTV but should I create channel for my business?  


You don't need to be an expert, yet. This is your chance to grow with the platform, you already have an IG account, so you can start watching and uploading right away. Any opportunity to build a stronger connection with potential client should be explored. So please give IGTV a chance. 

No matter how many blogs I write, I can't tell you the secret formula for creativity. Believe me, I tried. But maybe I'll say something that points your business in the right direction to succeed? I named a couple of the things you can start doing right away to up your IGTV.  No filming experience needed. We all have a camera on our phones. Just remember: shoot a vertical video. 

1. Film a Behind the Scenes 

This could be anything, from baking that banana bread pudding with your grandmother to filming the process of your photoshoot. 

2. Unboxing and product demonstrations

You have this awesome new product that you have been announcing everyday on your twitter, you finally got your hands on it. Start recording before you open the box and let your personality glow as you try this awesome new product.

3. Big(Or small) announcements

This is your moment! You have been waiting to tell the world you are having a baby, or you bought a new succulent? Whatever the announcement is, your fans want to know. 

4. Events and Conferences

You are lucky you got invited to this conference and you wish you could bring all of your coworkers with you, they could learn so much. Why don't you record it with you phone and upload it to your IGTV? That way everyone, even you, can go back and hear this information again and again. 

5. Interviews and podcast

This one I'm really excited about. I can totally picture big networks will take advantage of this feature and put their talk shows right to our hands. And so can you! Interviews, Q&A and podcast can also be VERY successful in IGTV. 

6. Customer Testimonials

You think your followers are tired of hearing from you? Invite clients to talk about your product, this can be better than getting 5 stars on Yelp. 

8. Vlogs

For some reason this one scared me the most. We all think we are so ordinary no one will be interested in what we do on a day to day basis. But yes they do, that's why they follow you in the first place. You don't need to have a glamorous life, documenting your day is something we all have to try. And I promise, you will get better. Just keep practicing. Show people what running a business looks like, the good and the bad. If you don't consider yourself camera worthy, try filming from your point of view: the places you go, the foods you try or the stuff you do at work. 


Don't Compete with Youtube


IGTV should not be another app to post your youtube videos. Your Instagram followers are not looking for the same content as your Youtube subscribers. Each platform is consumed differently and so should be the content we produce. Instead, we should use it as a way to complement the content.  For example, you collaborated with your friend and you guys made the most beautiful documentary about salamanders. Use your IGTV to show the behind the scenes aspect of the shoot, or interview your friend on why he loves salamanders so much. Promote your youtube video on your IGTV and promote the IGTV interview on your Youtube. You'll have people obsessed with Salamanders in no time. 

Do yourself and your business a favor and post regularly, extend your brand to every platform possible, give your costumers a place where they can find you  and grow your community. The money will follow, eventually.