Lianne & Jonathan / Niagara Falls Engagement Photos


I met Lianne and Jony as soon as I moved to Buffalo in 2016.  We quickly became friends and now, my husband and I consider them part of our family. So I was absolutely honored when they asked me to capture their engagement photos. Lianne and Jony wanted Niagara Falls as their location. Even though we have been there too many times to count, they knew that's a place they will want to remember. It was a beautiful summer day so we explored a little before heading down to the falls. We didn't want to take the boat ride so we paid the $1.25 per person to take the elevator and get closer to the water.  They decided that they wanted the second look to be the blue poncho by the waterfalls and I couldn't be happier with that idea. The color blue popped in every photo plus their faces lit up as soon as they felt the water pouring on them. I was so happy I had a telephoto lens or else I wouldn't been able to get a close up without getting my equipment all wet. The water was so refreshing that it gave us the energy we needed to wait for that beautiful golden hour. 

During the golden hour, Lianne and Jony where feeling more comfortable with the camera. The sun was shinning through the leaves, making  the background sparkly and romantic! They could tell I was excited because every time I pressed the shutter I had stop to showed them how amazing they looked. 

I feel so grateful that I was trusted to capture this special season of Lianne and Jony's life. I can't wait to celebrate their wedding next May in Puerto Rico.

I'm tearing up just thinking about it!


When I sent them their photos they sent me this beautiful Thank you note that I will have in my office forever! It says:

"Thank you for supporting and guiding us, for always being up for adventure, for taking AWESOME photos and for making the process super fun. We appreciate you and we wish a lot of success for your career as a photographer and videographer.  

Lots of love, Lianne and Jony"