Samantha and Peter / Pittsburgh Summer Wedding

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Each wedding is a new experience for us and I have always wanted to share how and why we do things the day of a wedding. That's why on Samantha and Pete's wedding day, I made sure I took an extra camera with me to take behind the scene photos as well as some notes along the way.

The day of

It was a beautiful summer day last August when I knocked on the Sinicrope's door. I was welcomed by Sam's father and I immediately felt so welcomed by the family. The dining room table was filled with flowers and gifts for the bride and groom. My favorite was this plate that everyone in the wedding party signed for Sam and Pete. 

Samantha was getting her hair and make-up done at the salon, so I had time to test the camera I rented for the weekend, the 5D Mark IV. I was instantly impressed with the touch screen, and I definitely took advantage of this when I was focusing on the details around the house.  During this time I also had a chance to chat with Dan and Lori, the photographers at the wedding.

When Samantha and the girls got the house, the excitement began! She got into her dress with the help of her mom and her sister. I focused on the details of her beautiful dress and the veil. I couldn't help to get emotional when Samantha told me that the bouquetet is the same one her mom used when she got married. We knew how important the wedding was to her father so we planned a first look with him, a moment none of us will forget. I didnt want to be too close to them as they had their moment, so before Samantha came in the room, I attached a small Lavalier Microphone to her dad's coat. That way I was able to hear their first words to each other clearly without being too close to interrupt.  


When I got to  the church, St. Margaret of Scotland, Matt was taking some drone shots of the church, he was able to film some of the guest walking in plus show the beautiful weather we were having. I ran inside to set up three cameras. I was super happy to see that even thought the church was a little dark, the image of the 5D Mark IV was bright and sharp. The touch screen made it really easy to keep the focus when Samantha was walking down the aisle. I set up a Zoom recorder on the podium to record the readings as well as two lavalier microphones, one on the priest and one on the groom. That way I was able to hear the vows and the ceremony perfectly! 

When the ceremony was done, we headed over to the West End Overlook for photos. We didn't have too much time to enjoy the view, there was another ceremony happening in 15 minutes but that was quite enough to get some fun drone shots with the bridal party.

We didn't have to go too far, we found a big tree with lots of natural light coming through, we asked the bridal party to wait in the limo and we had some alone time with the bride and the groom. I personally loved the last few shots we took in this green arch/walk away.  Samantha and Pete got to enjoy some time away from the crowds, and we got a chance to capture some romantic moments between them. 

To film during the photo shoot, we used the Canon 5D Mark IV with the 24-70 mm.  Since it was very bright out, we added the Syrp Variable ND Filter to keep our aperture on 2.8. That way we could keep our backgrounds blurred and our shots more cinematic. 


Samantha and Pete had their reception at the Renaissance Hotel. Before that day I had never been there so I was really excited to set foot inside. It did not dissapoint! Even thought it was hectic outside thanks to the Regatta and a Pirate Game, the luxurious lobby was soothing and quiet. When we walked upstairs, the staff was very nice and treated us like guest. While friends and family enjoyed cocktail hour, Matt and I walked around the room making sure we recorded every detail inside the ballroom. You could tell we were in the right place since everything had a hint of pink, Samantha's favorite color. 


The reception began so the guest made their way into the ballroom, I was overjoyed when I saw that Jacquelyn and Tyler were walking in. We shot their wedding last October and it was so nice to see them again! Then the bridal party introductions began and the party started. Pete and the groomsman opened the dance floor with a choreographed dance!  

To capture the guest dancing, I switched to the 50 mm lens and shot handheld. This way I was able to get different shots, from the ground up, eye level, etc. Plus it came super handy when I was chosen during the epic-spin-the-bottle dance-off.  

The newlyweds wanted one last photo session so we left the hotel and crossed the street. The Roberto Clemente Bridge was closed for the regatta, so we walked there and made it for the Regatta Thunder Fireworks Display.  We felt incredibly lucky to stand in the middle of the bridge and watch one of the best Fireworks Display we have ever seen.  We took a couple of shots of Samantha and Pete as they were enjoying the show, and we went back to the party. It was honestly so much fun working this day, and I'm so glad it was us who captured such beautiful memories for Samantha and Pete.

Thanks for having us!

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