Solis Buffalo

A Cosmic Array of Creativity

A photography event like no other in Buffalo, NY. Filled with creators of all kind.

Photo by: Eric Jahn  Instagram: @ericjahnphotography

Photo by: Eric Jahn

Instagram: @ericjahnphotography

I first must recommend that you check out an event for yourself. If you are looking to meet other creators or looking to get inspired look no further. (Also checkout #solisbuffalo on ig for the photos from the event)

This isn’t just another networking event for sure.

As I first walked into Public Espresso (location for the evening) I was overwhelmed by the site. This could either have been spurred on by normal social anxiety or the unbelievable spectacle I was witness to.

The cafe was transformed into a complete studio with impeccable lighting setups, custom furniture, the featured models (all looking decked out in neo sci-fi attire) and of course plenty of camera’s.

as the DJ played tunes to suite the feel of the night, I wandered through the crowed to take in the environment. At this point I’m not sure I have ever seen anything cooler.

Looking around seeing all the creators interact was truly inspiring. The models taking the grand stage in front of all the camera’s. Photographers snapping away sharing with each other what they had just shot, everyone was in the moment.

There is no words to describe the sense of community that was moving throughout the event.

I cannot recommend getting to one of these events enough. I personally am not one for large event filled with people for a few different reasons, but I felt right at home here at Solis. The events are growing every time, with new features larger scaled setups and new locations.

If you are unsure of networking events this takes away all preconceived notions.

It’s out of this world.

Special Thanks:

Hosted by Seek Axiom and Public Espresso + Coffee

Set design by MIMO DECOR

Hair & Makeup hosted by Groom Service Beauty & Dry Bar

Featured Hair Stylist: Audrey E Butler

Featured Makeup Artist: Chantelle Nicole Artistry

Featured Models Jillian, Musmah, Kayleigh, Sharlee

Build Your Own Nacho Bar by Breezy Burrito Co.

Music provided by On The Up (BuzzTrillington, Yedo, Miosi)

Tarot Readings & More by Everyday Earthware