How To Pose For Your Wedding Video

You want your video to be filled with real, authentic emotions. We get that.

So, how do we capture those moments?

A majority of our couples have never been on a professional set or in a video before. It’s our job to make you feel comfortable and direct you as needed, if at all.

The first thing to know going in is that photo and video are captured very differently. While posing works great for the photographer’s lens, on video it can come across as unnatural or posed. Staged, if you will. For this reason, we hardly ever give direction the day of your wedding. We want to be a spectator and not a director.

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The morning of your big day you won’t even notice we’re there. Our goal is to watch the magic happening in front of us and capture it.

In general, our directions will be minimal. For example, we may position you in front of a window while reading your letter or ask the bride to fluff her dress. The rest will be authentic. We love for everyone to be themselves while showing their raw emotions in that moment. It’s alright to be nervous. It is your wedding day after all! Every raw emotion makes for a more authentic and intimate video.

The rest of the footage we take throughout the day will feature candid moments of you and your family and friends. We’ll also have time to take a step away from the crowd to capture the two you during a portrait session.

This time is just for us, the two of you and the photographers. We’ll play around with different ideas to get you comfortable. Think of romantic walks; holding hands while strolling down a beach or scenic trail. A slight wind will catch your hair, make your dress flow. It’s picturesque, and you may even forget we’re there.

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It’s important to remember that this will probably be the only moment during the day that you two will be away from all the fuss. Make sure to take a good look at each other, enjoy one another’s company and share a kiss or two. These moments are gold for your video.

We love capturing couples interacting with each other. It gives us a chance to see their real personalities. This also helps you to calm your nerves and give us a real smile.

Ultimately, it’s about having fun and being yourself. We are not there to tell you what to do or how to act. We’re there to help you remember this day in a personal way, and to show it for what it really is. The best day of your life.

Amanda Sánchez