Beautiful Backyard Wedding for Highschool Sweethearts

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Before the “I Do”

The day began with a long drive, starting from Morgantown all the way to Warren, PA. In total, a five hour trip with enough time to build the nerves and anticipation. Then, our first stop was at Jordan’s home for the morning’s preparations.

The first thing I noticed when they greeted me was the colorful tie-dye t-shirts the bride and bridesmaids wore. Jordan had made them herself, and they looked fabulous. They were also the first of many things to come that really made this a DIY wedding.

I took Jordan’s dress and her boots out onto the porch next, for some stunning outdoor shots before she got dressed. During this time, I also got the chance to play around with our new Prism for even more cinematic footage. It was fun to figure out how to get the shoes and the dress in the same shot.

By the end of the preparations, Jordan was ready to get into her dress with the help of her best friend, Dhalia. It was an intimate moment, of course, but the day was just beginning and we were off to the races- well, the ceremony.

The Ceremony

Once you stepped outside, it was clear to see how much time and effort went into the wedding. Everything was prepared by family and friends for this special day. From hosting it in a backyard to the wonderfully decorated arch of flowers, and to even having Jordan sister, Andrea, as their photographer; things couldn’t get more personal or more perfect.

It was one of the last weekends of summer, and needless to say, it was a beautiful day for their backyard ceremony. The guests were soon seated, and Jordan was making her way down the aisle.

Though the ceremony was short, it was no less intimate and their vows especially showed their love for one another. Written by themselves, Aaron promised to give the best of himself, to bring joy and imagination to their relationship. And Jordan promised to adore each kiss good morning and each kiss goodnight.

As soon as they were pronounced husband and wife, and the cheers from their friends and family had faded, we were off to the cornfield (and the stunning collection of trees the property) to get more footage. I even got adventurous and took some shots from inside the corn maze.


Like the ceremony, the reception was set outside and their creative talents shone through once more. A cute, rustic wooden bench was set up for guests to take photos. Next to it was a shelf filled with succulents for everyone to take as party favors.

The reception then kicked off with some speeches and cake cutting. Soon enough, Jordan and Aaron were dancing their first dance as Calum Scott serenaded everyone with “You Are The Reason.”

And as the sun set, everyone danced and celebrated the happy newlyweds in a night they are sure to never forget.

Amanda Sánchez