Everything Reclick Creative Has to Offer for your Wedding Day

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We live in a digital age where pictures aren’t just stationary memories anymore. We want to capture every meaningful moment in our lives, and your wedding day is probably at the top of that list. The tricky part is now is deciding everything you want in your package. Reclick Creative has a lot to offer and choose from.

This is the video you and your family will watch for years to come, and it should show how magical, intimate, and romantic that day was for everyone every time you watch it. Reclick Creative is about more than documenting your wedding day, it’s about turning it into a work of art for your enjoyment for years to come in a variety of ways.


Within two weeks, we follow up each wedding with a 3 to 5 minute trailer and this video is only posted with your approval. Our trailers feature the most important moments of your day, like the couple getting ready, combined with moments from the ceremony and reception.

Often times we also include the vows, the speeches, letter readings- whatever fits the story of the couple- with any music suggestions for an audio track that will fit just right. While we stay away from big-name songs you’d hear spilling out of the radio, we use the suggestions to find instrumental music accessible to us that will remain timeless and far, far away from tacky, uncopyrighted music.


Part of what makes Reclick Creative so special is the feature we can put together for the couples. 20 to 40 minutes long, we cut together everything that happened the day of in a cinematic way. We want it to feel like you’re watching a movie of your wedding day. The feature follows the day from the start with the bride and groom getting ready. From there we include highlights of the ceremony followed by some fun shots of the picture session. It ends with the reception; entrances, speeches, and first dances are all included.

The feature is solely for the bride and groom, we never post or share them on social media. As a result, we can include any music without having to worry about licensing and making it more personal for you. Within three months, we can edit and deliver the ideal film for you to watch again and again.


The speeches are one of the most memorable and important parts of the evening, and we understand that they’re one of the main reasons to get a wedding videographer. So, don’t worry! In our basic package, though it doesn’t include the feature, we do include a full video of your wedding parties’ speeches to revisit any time you want along with the trailer.

Raw Footage

Photo by  The Jepsons

Photo by The Jepsons

If you’re worried about missing anything, don’t panic. We got you covered. The raw, unedited footage will be delivered to you through a hard drive and we drop everything in there for you. As an add-on item, you can incorporate this element into any package you choose. Fair warning if you’re not a video editor, going through these folders can be quite intimidating since each wedding takes at least 100 GB of space. There will be videos without audio or vice versa and none of the color correction we do in the feature. If you want to revisit a moment not in the feature, trailer or speeches video though, you will have access to it.


We offer two different ways to deliver your videos (excluding the raw footage).

One option is online. Online deliveries will receive a link when all videos are ready that will take them to a menu screen as you’d see with DVDs or Blu-rays. From there you can select any of the videos we edited for you. This option is great if you want to share the videos with your friends and family without shipping any disks. With this link, you can also download the films to your computer, or you can even download an app to watch it on an Apple or Smart TV.


Our other delivery option is through disks. Much like DVD and Blu-ray, all your videos will be accessible on a disk through a menu screen. There’s even a scene selection option for the wedding feature. With this delivery option, we custom design your cases so they look great on your shelves. They also make great gifts for parents and grandparents.

Reclick Creative is dedicated to showcasing your perfect day in a way that suits you. We want to work with you to create and share something wondrous. Something you can look back on over and over. This is your big day, a moment you may have been waiting for all your life, and it deserves to be preserved for you in the best way possible.

Amanda Sánchez