On Their Ten Year Anniversary, Keren and Robbie renew their vows

Before Their Vows

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A wedding videographer themselves, I was more than a little nervous going into this one. The pressure was on the moment I drove up to Keren’s home to make sure this day would be perfect, and that I would capture it all on video beautifully.

Keren and Robbie have been married for 10 years. There were good times and bad times, and today was the day we celebrated every moment they took to get here as they renewed their vows. Seeing their photos hung around the house was a small testament to how far these two have come.

The Day Of

Keren and Robbie welcomed me into their home and walked me through the day’s events. It quickly became clear to me that today would be anything but average.

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Complimenting their lovely home is their enormous backyard and the baseball field in it. Long time fans of the sport, they began their day with their first ever BLT baseball tournament. Bayla, Keren and Robbie’s daughter, opened things up with a memorable rendition of the national anthem.

Then all eyes were on Troy, their newest family member clocking in at 15 months old, as he threw the first pitch. The sun was shining, the heat was climbing to one of the hottest days there in Pennsylvania, but no one was deterred as they played and had a fun time.

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When the tournament was over, it was time to get ready for the ceremony. While friends and family set up the altar, the couple went their separate ways to freshen up. Keren slipped into a breathtaking white dress from Calvin Klein and, surrounded by her friends, dolled herself up even more. Everyone in the room was in awe as she walked out.

The ceremony was at home plate and Keren walked in holding Bayla’s hand. The couple each read their own vows. Robbie, being Robbie, prepared his weeks prior. He thanked everyone for coming and began talking about their journey. Emotional and perfect, he ended his vows with a famous quote from a popular artist: “Started from the bottom now we are here”. Drake, in case you’re wondering.

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Keren, on the other hand, did not prepare her vows. As she was getting ready, she made a list of every moment she wanted to mention. When it was her turn, she spoke beautifully about their journey as well, and about all the times Robbie had been there for her.

With the ceremony finished, we headed to the road in front of their house for some picturesque sunset photos. The light was warm and glowing coming in through the trees which made for ideal footage of the couple during their own golden hour.

As the evening winded down, everyone enjoyed dinner and I realized my nerves had gone completely. Looking back, I don’t know why I was so anxious. I had a great time getting to know the Gelis family and their story. The day, unique and memorable in it’s own right, was fun and emotional on all the right levels.

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