Q: Can we choose our own music?

A: To post your trailer online, we need a song that we can license. To choose this song, we listen to your suggestions and try to find a song in that style. Usually an instrumental song. If your package includes a Full Feature, we can use any song you want since this video won’t be posted online .

Q: Do you do travel for weddings?

A: We love traveling and doing destination weddings. Let us know date and destination and we will create a quote for you.

Q: Can we have the raw footage?

A: As an add-on item, you can incorporate raw footage to any package you choose. Fair warning, if you are not a video editor, going through these folders can be quite intimidating since each wedding takes at least 100 GB of content.


A: We coordinate with your photographer to ensure we’re not in each other’s way and to bring the best service to you. Communication is a key part and we work hard to make it work with your photographer. We want your day captured to the fullest and best of our ability.