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Mindy and Clayton talk about their Elopement in Kauai

We all dream of a We connected with Mindy on a Facebook group that focuses on Intimate wedding and Elopements. She shared her photos with all of us and mentioned how awesome it was to work with Kauai Island Weddings. “We did it! I married the man of my dreams yesterday in beautiful Kauai Hawaii. It was everything I wanted in a beach wedding. The company we used was great and I would highly recommend them.”

WE should elope

Q: How did you choose the location for your Elopement?

A: I posted on a fb group asking for suggestions and a local photographer suggested Kauai and posted some photos she took of weddings in Kauai and we were sold.

Q: Why did you choose to Elope?

A: I never have wanted a traditional wedding. I see how it can be stressful and costly which I wanted to avoid.

Q: Can you tell us you Eloping Experience?

A: It was beautiful and exactly everything I envisioned. We used a local company that got a photographer and permits for us. All we had to do was show up.

Q: What advice would you give to a couple that is looking to Elope?

A: Choose a place that will be a special place for the both of you to visit and choose a place that will photograph beautifully.

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