Alexandra and Joel

Before I begin, if you’re on the fence about getting a videographer for your wedding... DO IT! Don’t make the mistake of not capturing your wedding on video. You will immediately regret not doing so. (If its a budget thing, weddings have enough expenses that you can take it away from other areas to make it happen on this one). Now on to the review.
Amanda is probably the only person that will be more passionate about a wedding than the bride and groom themselves. (And I say this in the best way possible) Everything from the pre-wedding videography through editing of the final product is handled with the perfect combination of amicability, costumer service, grace and creativity. Working with such a team will help keep you in the mood of how special your wedding is, and they’ll make sure to capture every single special moment in it. I HIGHLY recommend Reclick Creative to capture and immortalize your most special events. (Still get goosebumps whenever I replay our wedding material.) If you’re looking for a professional product, look no further.

Christy and Anthony

We were going back and forth on video, but I am sure glad we decided ‘yes!’ Amanda is a true talent, knows her craft. She has an amazing eye and is very organized thorough the whole process. On top of that she worked SO well with our photographer, which was huge. Hire Reclick now!

Nancy and Justin

I've known Amanda for many years so when it came to getting a videographer it was a no brainer. Amanda is very professional and talented. I had doubts about getting a videographer and now I can't imagine my wedding without it. Photos are great but the videos capture the mood, movement and words of the day. Amanda worked well our photographer which was very important to us. She asked for our input and captured some great moments. She uploaded a short video on social media to share and sent us a longer video of the wedding just for us. Now we can relive our wedding whenever we want!

Ava and Ken

Amanda and Matt filmed my wedding ceremony and reception. I could not be more happy. They did an amazing job. They had a drone!!! How cool is that? I love my video so much!! I highly recommend. Amanda was excellent. She answered my questions quickly and reassured me. They were perfect. She had great ideas the morning of my wedding to get the perfect shots. The video was amazing. I can’t stop watching!!