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Photo by  Simply Eloped

Photo by Simply Eloped

After researching venues and caterers for a traditional wedding, Courtney and Alexander decided to avoid the stress and eloped in beautiful Hawaii. Simply Eloped helped them plan their ceremony so they could focus on what matters: Each other.

Photo by  Simply Eloped

Q: How did you two meet?

A: We met at the college we both attended and where I worked in upstate NY

Q: Where did you elope?

A: We eloped to Honolulu, HI and were married on Waimanalo Beach

Q: How did you choose Waimanalo Beach?

A: We had been hoping to vacation in Hawaii since Alex visited Kauai for an Air Force Reserves annual tour in 2015. The company we worked with, Simply Eloped, had a variety of location choices on multiple Hawaiian islands. When deciding on what island specifically to get married on, Oahu was an easy choice because Alex lived there for a few years as a baby and after looking at photos of other ceremonies on Waimanalo Beach we knew that was the spot for us.

Q: Why did you two elope?

A: We decided to elope for a variety of reasons. When we first got engaged we talked about eloping versus a traditional wedding and did a lot of research on wedding venues and caterers as well as elopement packages in different places. After looking at the numbers we realized we could elope and go away to get married and have a party for family and friends once we were married for less than what a wedding would cost. Another big thing was weddings take a lot of work to put together and often times can be quite stressful and most of the time ends up being more about the family than the couple getting married. Making the decision to elope allowed us to avoid a lot of stress and to focus solely on each other on our wedding day while also getting to have a big party and celebrate with our loved ones. 

Q: How was the experience?

A: Our experience was perfect. We worked with Simply Eloped and they were nothing short of amazing. We went back and forth on a specific location and they were always there to answer any questions we had. Once we chose the location we were connected with our officiant and photographer, both of which were great to work with and made us feel so special. The itinerary was very clearly laid out for the day of and I never felt like I had to worry about anything. 

Q: Any advice for couples looking to Elope?

A: To any couple looking to elope I’d tell them to weigh their options and make a choice that is best for them and their spouse and don’t let others sway the decision. When making that decision be honest and upfront with your family and friends and be clear about how you hope for them to be involved. The best thing about eloping in my opinion is once you break out of the traditional wedding mold you have so many options, you can go away or stay local, invite people or not, have a party before, during or after you get married, or don’t have one at all. All those decisions ultimately reflect you as a couple and make your wedding day even more special.

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